Save resources on talent acquisition & increase retention rate
Reduce bias in talent management and improve engagement by making behavior and communication assessment more data-driven
How Simpleem helps to improve hiring & talent management process
AEI algorithms help to objectively and quickly assess candidates' behavior and communication discarding bias
Detect and measure
AEI captures verbal and non-verbal metrics and convert them into measurable data
Assess objectively
Create benchmarks for new candidates based on the behavioral patterns of already hired and top employees
Analyze and predict
Compare the dynamics of employees' KPIs and non-verbal signals during meetings, and find red flags such as turnover probability increase
What values can you recieve
Hire top-performers and increase employees satisfaction to boost retention and ROI
  • -25%
    Reduce turnover
  • -39%
    Decrease rump up time
  • +42%
    Increase in ROI

Why Artificial Emotional Intelligence

The highest-performing HR teams use AI to humanize work processes and build strong relationships with employees.
  • 61%
    Retention has a higher priority now*
    HRs claimed that they reinvest in engagement and listen to what employees want and need
  • 21%
    Global workforce feel engaged**
    Employers try to listen to employees and involve in the culture, but it's not clear what they really need
  • 62%
    Companies hard to track morale*
    It's much harder to establish rapport with employees due to bias and lack of employees' involvement in the culture
  • 50%
    Use AI to eliminate bias and increase retention**
    AI helps to find better candidates faster, provides impactful employee development and increases retention via engagement
(*) - State of People Strategy 2023 (Lattice); (**) - Talent management Where AI can 2022 (Harvard Business Review)