AEI - Artificial Emotional Intelligence

We have created a system that allows you to track emotions, attention, and involvement of participants during online meetings and gives recommendations to the speaker on how to improve the group engagement
How it works?
It's better to see once than hear 100 times
Briefly about Simpleem AEI
What is it?
Simpleem AEI (Artificial Emotional Intelligence) - a system for recognizing and monitoring emotions and attention during online meetings.
How it works?
Classic machine learning algorithms and neural networks, which are the basis of Simpleem AEI, allow real-time tracking of the emotional states and attention of each individual participant and the group as a whole.
How it helps?
The recommendation system, which assesses the level of involvement, interest and attention, allows the speaker not to follow the whole group and its participants independently, but to concentrate on his material presentation.
What else?
At the end of each session, the speaker receives information about the emotional state of all participants in the form of infographics and can analyze the process and improve its effectiveness.
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