Engagement analysis improve productivity
We help your company to improve remote teams effectiveness by making their non-verbal interactions countable and quantitative
Employee engagement influence your Business
Developing highly engaged teams results in fewer negative outcomes, more positive outcomes and greater success for your organization*
In absenteeism
In profitability
In customer loyalty
According to Gallup's 10th employee engagement meta-analysis
Why employee engagement extremely important right now?
You need to accept 3 main facts:
Rules change
Remote work is an inevitable future and your business has to adopt or die.
People are social
Distance communication reduces social and emotional connection and it leads to lower productivity and burnout
Competitors don't sleep
It is very difficult to find free perfect leaders and specialists and companies hunt for them constantly
What is wrong with existing solutions?
4 "No-Reasons" which show that existing tools suck
Voice analysis
  1. No understanding of how people see and perceive you
  2. No non-verbal information
  3. No metrics of visual indicators
  4. No information of emotional state and its dynamics
Log-file analysis (actions in digital services)
  1. No context, only statistics
  2. No any information about the emotional state
  3. No information about interpersonal communication
  4. No simple (very difficult) to integrate with other services
  1. No automotive
  2. No objective
  3. No standardized
  4. No able to realize without stolen time from employees
How It Works?
Convert non-verbal into data
In distance communication, we use devices to connect to each other. All information that passes through the device we can convert into data
All data can be structured
Non-verbal transformed in quantitative data can be normalized. We can turn a messy stream into a structured array for analysis
Structured data can be analyzed
Structured data calls information. Information rules the world. We can use the information of behavior and emotional state to improve customer experience and our business metrics
Hack the system
We make valuable features from disadvantages
It seems that remote work and distance interactions have weaknesses in terms that they cause lower social and emotional connections. It is right but not absolutely - we can use the rules and patterns of online communication to our advantage.
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