Boost close rates up to 2X using Simpleem AEI (artificial emotional intelligence) and save up to 60% on coaching
Increase revenue
from remote sales and reduce coaching costs
Empower every sales team with objective insights.
Simpleem is an AI-driven software for virtual sales enablement.

Three simple actions AEI does to make your sellers outperformers:
  • Analyzes verbal and non-verbal “seller-customer” intercations.
  • Detects critical reactions during the conversation even invisible for human
  • Provides insightful reports with flagging imprortant moments and recommendtions based on success deals
None of delight or doubting emotions slip away from you
Save hours of post analysis without rewatching video meeting.
Simpleem AEI is your power in sales enablement and coaching
measurements per second
participatints analysis at the same time.
Verbal and non-verbal reports that allow to improve sales reps performance and ROI.
speech to text, tone of voice and insightful reports
powerful insights
Problem is real. Some valuable numbers from market leaders
B2B customers prefer remote sales BUT number of win rates 2X less then expected
of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels BUT 93% of sales reps have significant challenges with virtual selling in spite of coaching
B2B sales orgs will transition selling to data-driven by 2025 BUT 61% B2B sales reps report their managers inefficiently use technology to coach
Outperformers commit to 79% more coaching than slow growers.
McKinsey & Company, 2021
Data-driven insights to answer all questions about virtual selling performance:
And other insights to help you make more money
  • What actions from rep caused client positive or negative reaction?
  • Which rep’s phrases or talking points caused attention or engagement from client
  • What behavior patterns make some reps outperformers and others slow-growers?
  • How to plan next call (timing, script, agenda, behavior) to close a win deal faster?
Boost your business with Simpleem AEI
Coaching agences
For Whom
Growth rate and recurrent revenue are the most importmant metrics for startups in growth stage. We help to build your sales organization closing larger deals faster.
ROI per sale representative is very important metric in sales teams with 50+ reps. We allow to assess every rep, identify slow growers and make them outperformers
Time is money and we make deep behavior assessment increadebly faster. You don’t need more to watch dozens hours of sales proccess. Use our intercative reports with flagging imptortant moment in conversation.
The first hour is free
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