Engagement analysis increases Sales Deals
Our AI based products allow your company to grow fast trough improving customer and sales reps engagement level. Increase the amount of your Sales team's win deals and company revenue with
Simpleem AEI
Fact: Sales process is transformed to digital
Due to pandemic the common-known sales process has been significantly transformed. The Heads of Sales need to act promptly to build adaptive systems to achieve the high level of win deals
Results for Business
with high-level of engagement management service
Of Retained Clients
In revenue, profitability & relationship growth
Of customer satisfaction rate
According to Acquire and Gallup
90% of Fortune 500 companies using engagement management tools
"Sales engagement is such a high priority that 90% of sales leaders plan to invest in technologies and methodologies to help their sellers engage effectively with prospects and customers", - TOPO Sales Engagement Leadership Report
Why do you need engagement management in sales?
Sales process significantly changed
Sales processes become remote and digital. With engagement management system sales reps will be able to better track non-verbal metrics and read customer emotions
More win deals through customer engagement
The most engaged customers generate more profit. Engagement management systems help to decrease the number of meeting and increase the amount of win deals
Train skills for sales
You can also use the engagement system to train staff before important sales process. it will help to reduce stress, enhance self-confidence and increase the likelihood of win deals
Improvement of sales reps engagement
An involved sales rep brings more results and winning deals. it will also allow your company to reduce additional training costs.
What is wrong with existing solutions?
Up to two-thirds of a company's profit relies on effective customer engagement.
For building better engagement it's essential to considering client's non-verbal indicators and understand them.
Speech detection and recognition tools
Existing solutions in the sales market segment are based on speech recognition. However, in addition to a speech, there are a number of more significant non-verbal indicators that could be a sign of a potential deal's failure or a client's lack of interest during communication.
Manual analysis & CRM
Manual analysis is much time-taking process. Besides, it often human mistakes high likelihood takes place.
CRM provides enough data and graphs.
However, there is no non-verbal data analysis tools.

Only video based engagement management service can provide you the most accurate data and metrics of your customer experience
Other solutions don't provide an essential non-verbal data analysis

How Simpleem AEI Works?
Convert non-verbal into data
In distance communication, we use devices to connect to each other. All information that passes through the device we can convert into data
All data can be structured
Non-verbal transformed in quantitative data can be normalized. We can turn a messy stream into a structured array for analysis
Structured data can be analyzed
Structured data calls information. Information rules the world. We can use the information of behavior and emotional state to improve customer experience and our business metrics
Case study
We transform emotions, attention, engagement, speech into countable data for better understanding the customer needs and developing the personalized supply.
Simpleem AEI helps our clients to improve their sales through keeping the customer and the performance improvement of your sales department.
Simpleem AEI solution
At remote meetings sellers don't achieve the planned level of win deals
  1. Sharply decreased the annual deals pipeline due to pandemic
  2. Sales department doesn't achieve the level of engagement in attracting new B2B clients as it's happening mostly online
  3. The common way of negotiations doesn't work anymore in online circumstances.
  • The system monitors the emotional state, speech and attention of the seller
  • Automatically records his non-verbal indicators and, in critical cases, gives recommendations on how to fix the current situation with a client.
  • Supports sales department and helps the seller quickly fix problems appeared with emotions, attention, speech indicators thanks to real-time recommendations.
  • The data on each conversation is stored in a common database for the marketing department analysis and the development of more effective tools to increase sales.

While warm calls, follow-up meetings and sales the client can realize:

- which examples are best to show the benefits of the product
- when and on what topic it is better to joke
- what tone of voice and mimics are better to show
Increase in sales deals
Using Simpleem AEI in Sales department you will able to:

- Turnover is up to 10% increase
- Win deals are up to 18% increase
- decrease the number of sales process meetings
- improve the engagement level of sales reps
- create a better assessment strategy and control the performance rate of each team member
Hack the system
We make valuable features from disadvantages
It seems that remote work and distance interactions have weaknesses in terms that they cause lower social and emotional connections. It is right but not absolutely - we can use the rules and patterns of online communication to our advantage.
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