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Below is a partial program for social and emotional learning. Its goal is to teach teachers how to properly organize the process of personal development of a child. This methodological manual consists of the following sections:
1. Target section
Understanding the value of social and emotional skills and their impact on the personal and mental health and well-being of the child, defining goals, objectives, principles and expected results from the program.
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2. Informative section
Description of educational activities and features of age-related social and emotional development of the child.
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3. Organizational section
Key principles of organizing the educational process and practical recommendations for conducting classes and monitoring the effectiveness of their implementation.
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4. Practical section
Scenarios, descriptions of exercises and required materials with specific examples and expected results for two age groups: 3-5 and 5-7 years old.
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5. Applications
Recommendations and instruments for improving the social and emotional competencies of teachers
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