To integrate Simpleem with Webex, you must have both Simpleem account and an active license Webex account. Please register at Simpleem web app to start. To know more about Simpleem's features and pricing, please, follow this link
Meeting Recording Title Requirements
Integration with VCS Webex

Once you have applied the necessary settings in your VCS, click the "Connect Webex" button in your Simpleem account and follow the instructions to complete the process.

If everything works, you should see a "Successful" green notification in the bottom right corner and Webex connection button changed to "Connected".

After successful Webex integration you can start processing your video meetings. You will receive full video and audio analytics.

For this you need to do two things:

  • Name the meeting starting with word "MEETING" (in upper case)
  • Start recording in the cloud.

If you have more than one Webex account, make sure that you use the same Webex account for Simpleem platform and for the video meeting that you are going to analyze with Simpleem.

Recording Title Requirements

The title of uploaded video that is expected to be processed by Simpleem should contain several parts:

  1. "MEETING" – Attention! The titles of all videos that you would like to process and receive their analytics must begin with this word.
  2. Category-1 – could represent but not limited to the name of department, team or sales type.
  3. Category-2 – could represent but not limited to the name of the client's company, deal, meeting*.

«MEETING Sales_B2B LLC_Bingo», where

«MEETING» defined as mandatory first word for title of video that expected to be processed;

«Sales B2B» is Category-1 meaning the type of sales process;

«LLC Bingo» is Category-2 meaning the client's company name.

In case if you missed any part of the title or didn't name the video you can fill it after the video has been processed. Moreover, you can change categories' titles anytime.

*Category-2 is not mandatory to insert

Additionally, for Webex you should make sure that Recording Layout is set to "Stack" (with shared content) and "Grid" (without shared content) in Preferences. Otherwise your results will contain information only about displayed people.