Service of socio-emotional learning (SEL)

We develop SEL educational programs and tools for emotions and attention monitoring during the learning activity.
The theory, tools and tasks from the educational program can be used as part of the overall educational process
Using a socio-emotional learning course will improve social adaptation and communication
Exercises of the educational program will strengthen the teacher-pupil connection and a favorable atmosphere in the team
Child Centers
For whom?
Educational Institutions
Simple but systematic self-analysis exercises will build a healthy and confident personality
Strengthening emotional connection and developing sympathy will allow you to better understand each other without words
The high level of leadership and emotional intelligence will enable a valuable employee
Why is it needed?
Simpleem solutions
We develop products for online-education as well as for conventional (offline) education


Educational programs
Instructions, theory, practice sessions and materials for socio-emotional skills development for children in a convenient online format that will educate the child's personality and prepare him for the future.


Online-monitoring of emotions
A system for emotions recognizing and monitoring during online classes, which will allow the teacher to increase attention, involvement and interest to the lesson
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